About Sawdust for Breakfast

“Hey, I’m James, and welcome to Sawdust for breakfast! This site was born out of my passion and love for DIY and home improvement projects, and here is my story.

When I was just 21 years old, I bought my first investment property and set on a challenging eye opening journey to give it a cosmetic makeover. The challening part was that I had zero construction skills, but the eye opening part came after when I realised you can teach yourself anything if you put your mind to it! After a few months of ups, downs and everything in between, I managed to completely remodel the house, and teach myself a whole range of skills. The handyman passion was born!

Fast forward 2 decades and here I am, blogging about my journey as a handyman throughout the years. Sawdust for breakfast is a place where you can come to find plans, to improve your handyman skills, or read about our favourite tools and projects. We are made up of a small but robust team of handyman fanatics. From carpetenters, to plumbers, to painters and gardeners, we’ve got tutorials, news and tips for you.

Browse our blog, or head to our gear page to see some of the tools we are currently loving. If you want to get in touch, head to our contact page and drop a comment, we’d love to hear from you!”

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